Tuesday, November 29, 2011

from gardener to farmer

I have decided to take the next step.  I have decided to take things in hand, literally.  I have the advantage as well as the privilege of living in what I think may be one of the best places to start an urban garden:  Portland, Oregon.

I am also living in a relatively small home, on an over-sized lot, in one of the most mineral rich areas of Portland:  Montavilla.  Fantastic volcanic soil - so easy in which to grow the makings in order to feed my family, and then some... as well as using my spoils to make some delicious pies.  I have to tell you right now - I love pie.  All kinds.  Sweet, savory, etc... My specialty right now is apple:  granny smith, gala and pink lady make the absolutely best apple pie around.

Anyone that knows me - when I get a bee in my bonnet I surge forward.  There is no stopping me when I have a goal.  My goal is to grow.  This is something I have loved to do since I was a child making mud pies on my Holly Hobby easy-bake oven.  Who remembers those!?

I am also an historian at heart and documenting the past (experiences that have happened along with the trial and errors from which I learn) are important to me and my mission.  For all of those that are farmers (urban &/or non-urban, of course), please feel free to contribute your comments to my experiment in growing.  I know I can learn from those that have been there and any help you can give is appreciated!